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162 Brightside Road, Stanmore Bay | Phone: 09 424 0952

July Fishing Comp Results

Hope you’re all keeping warm as it’s freezing ……


As most of you know, we’ve just had our last Fishing Competition of the season.
From all tales told not everybody found the fish this weekend …… Except Ann Hatwell ūüôā¬† Well done Ann we’re all very proud of you eh Norman :))
Results are as follows:
Results for July Competition :
Junior Results 
1st Luke Thompson 2.10kg
2nd Lukas Tyne 1.98kg
3rd Joshua Bayes 1.38kg
3rd Joshua Bayes 1.42kg
4th Lukas Tyne 1.38kg
Small Fries 
1st Phoebe Farr 2.43kg Kahawai
2nd Cohen Farr 1.80kg Kahawai
Stats results for Juniors 
9 Fish weighed in
Average weight 13.7kg
Weight 2.74kg
Overall Luke Thompson 2.10kg
Mens Competition
1st Morgan Tyne 2.38kg
2nd Greg Schimanski 2.30kg
3rd Jason Willis 2.28kg
4th John Saunders 1.68kg
5th Michael Graham 1.66kg
1st Ann Hatwell 7.75kg
2nd Aama Bullivant 4.74kg
3rd Emma Van Echten 2.62kg
4th Melissa Maher 2.04kg
5th Ute Gebhard 1.76kg
Adult all species 
1st Donnelle Schimanski .52kg
2nd Blair Dawson .50kg  Congratulations to our new member Blair it was his 1st Competition.
3rd Glen Brown .46kg
4th Ute Gebhard .38kg
5th Emma Van Echten .36kg
John Dory 
 1st Stef Bayes 1.94kg
2nd Simon Bowden 1,88kg
3rd John Saunders 1.68kg
1st Morgan Tyne  2.32kg
2nd Ann Hatwell  2.30kg
3rd Emma Van Echten 2.22kg
4th Aama Bullivant 2.12kg
5th Simon Bowden 2.08kg
1st Stef Bayes .56kg
Stats Adults
All species
62 Fish weighed in
Total weight 95.28kg
Average weight 1.54kg
Closest to average weight  Donnelle Schimanski @ 1.56kg
Snapper weighed in 30
Total weight 50.56kg
Average weight 1.69kg
Closet to average weight John Saunders @ 1,68kg
A Big Thank You to Mike and Becs our sponsors from Fish City for this competition.
Congratulations to all our winners, enjoy spending those vouchers.
Thank you Mike Maher and Stef Bayes for organising all the Fishing Competitions this Year. Great effort guys, you should be very proud of all your hard work.
Thank you Kim Bayes and Carol Brooksmith; without these awesome ladiea there would have been no results.
Last but not least to All the Sponsors that have stuck with the Guys this Year and made it a memorable season for all.
Golden Contracting
Fish City
Carpet Link
Fishing Direct
New World Whangaparaoa
Catch Fishing
Upcoming dates to put in your Calendars;
18th August Prizegiving
Mike also has some upcoming actitives for everyone to get on board with so keep an eye on our facebook page.
Stay warm Everyone