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162 Brightside Road, Stanmore Bay | Phone: 09 424 0952
162 Brightside Road, Stanmore Bay | Phone: 09 424 0952

Competition Rules

HCBC  Monthly Fishing Competition


(Revised by Fishing Competition Team March 2017/2018)


1. Rules & Regulations
a. The monthly fishing contest will be held on the first full calendar weekend of every month for 10 events from September to June inclusive. The contest will commence on Sat from 6am and ends Sunday at 4.00pm.

b. All competitions will be open. That is you can fish any area you choose within New Zealand.

c. In the interests of conservation, the Club has chosen, with some species to exceed MAF regulations, minimum size. For Club weigh-ins, all divisions, Kingfish to be from 850mm to 750mm and all other fin fish to be 300mm.

Fishing Comp team reserves the right to amend this clause should MAF changes be legislated.

d. All fish to be caught in a sportsmanlike manner using hand lines, boat or surfcasting rods. It is the fisho’s responsibility to keep fish in a good condition until weigh-in.

e. Fish defined within club’s nominated categories, must have the inner skeleton and gills, including IGFA recognized game fish. This excludes eels and stingrays. 

2. Entry Fees per Monthly Competition

a. Member $10 -
Non-member $15 -
Children 14yrs and under $5

b. Concession cards offering generous discount on entry fees are available for the 1st three months of the season. Launch/Retrieve service is only available if you are a participant in the associated Monthly fishing competition.

 3. Ticket Sales

a. Tickets will be on sale at the Club or nominated outlet one week prior to monthly event.

b. Ticket sales will cease at 9.00pm Friday, purchase tickets from HCBC (see hours at bottom of home page

 Fishing tickets will be sold up to close of business the Friday before. If members cannot make it to the club, they can text Mike 022 5233269 or Stefan 021 784 820 before 12pm midnight Friday to hold a ticket.

4. Junior Categories

  •  Small fries -  7yrs and under, kids can be assisted if necessary to a reasonable line of honesty which includes rod in rod holder or parents holding rod while kids wind reel.
 Juniors - 8-14yrs ; no assistance. 

5. Cancellations

a. A news brief will be published regarding pending weather conditions for the monthly event by various media options in order that competitors may make an informed decision regarding entry.
b. The appointed fishing Sub-committee has the right to cancel the on water event if the weather is deemed by them to be unfavorable/unsafe.

c. If on water fishing competition is cancelled other planned events will continue. Virtual fishing competitions, spot and lucky prizes will still be given out during alternatively planned events. Only valid ticket holders of the monthly event cancelled will be eligible for prizes.

d. It will be the skipper’s choice whether to fish or not and the skipper will be solely responsible for that decision.

 6. Weigh Ins.

a. Weigh ins will be held on Sunday only outside the Club rooms between 4.00pm – 5.00pm.
Contestants must be registered as in line for weigh in, prior to 4.45pm on the day to be considered.

b. The Weigh Master’s decision is final.

 7. Prize Giving

a. Prize giving will be held in the Club lounge between 6.00pm to 11.00pm

b. For each monthly event only one fish per species per angler to be weighed.

c. The number and value of prizes allocated to each category will be determined by the level of participation in each monthly event.

d. Junior prizes will be awarded in such a way as to ensure fairness and equality. 

e. Spot prizes will be given out and the number and value of prizes will be dependent on overall entries.

f. A number of Lucky Prize Quick fire Competitions will be held dependent on the number of overall entries.

g. For both spot and lucky prizes, contestants must be present at time of draw.

h. Lucky prizes will only be awarded to participants that have not already won a prize.

 8. Categories:

a. Snapper Men and Women divisions.

b. Open division for Kahawai, Kingfish, John Dory, Trevally, Gurnard.

c. Average weight of all snapper weighed in.

d. Average overall weight of all fish weighed


Anyone caught breaking the rules will be referred to the Clubs disciplinary committee and risks being banned from all Club competitions.